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Our production schedule will start when we receive your order. If you wish to review and approve your proof while maintaining the original schedule, you need approve your proof promptly.

Estimates  Your estimate will be more accurate if you can provide complete job specifications. Use Acrobat to print out the Estimate Request Form to help you define your expectations. Begin with your name for the job. What ink colors would you like (black is a color) and does it print on both sides? Does the image "bleed" or go to the outside edges of the finished sheet? Call us with any questions! You may fax the completed form to us at 970-925-5932 or just phone to talk about it.

Papers and Inks  You can choose from thousands of inks and papers, and we can readily provide samples to help you with your decisions. We can also help you to match a sample you provide.            

Scheduling and Production   Scheduling and production are based on your requirements, and we are prepared to work with your time-sensitive needs. With advance planning, we will produce and deliver your job on your schedule. Pre-scheduling will ensure that we have the paper, ink and other special materials on hand and ready to complete your job on time. Our flexibility is the key, whether you need your order in 24 hours or a 24 days. When your order is placed we will give you an estimated schedule of delivery and do our very best to keep you informed of any changes that may arise. Of course the size of your job and our workload at the time may affect the schedule. Finishing and bindery work requires additional time.
Specialty Work  Custom made envelopes, foil stamping, die cutting and embossing can add a few days to production time. These steps can often be completed while you are working on copy changes and final proofs.  

Billing  With approved credit you may arrange a commercial account. We will bill you shortly after completing your order. The full amount is due when you receive the invoice. Please provide your nonprofit or Colorado and Pitkin County tax exempt ID numbers (if applicable) when placing your order.           

Pickup and Delivery  Convenient pickup and delivery is available upon request, and any shipping charge for outside work will be billed to your job.

here to get our Estimate/Order form PDF.
This form will help us provide you with a price estimate for your planned printing job.